For many years, meeting many business owners, successful friends, and others, you are my #1 place in the area.
No-one comes close.
They may have their favorites, and yes, there are good restaurants, and I have sent more than a few your way.
I do not think I ever told you this story, for if I ever was paid $ 10.00 for visiting your place each visit, I would be rich.
I know the history of your place, I expect you do, if not,,,
I was born in Nanticoke, moved to Connecticut for a year, before moving to Robert Street in Sheatown, 3 homes down from the, now, old folks home, back then it was the old St. Stanislaus Institute School, where I went from grade 3 to 8. And an altar boy while I was going to this Catholic School, mostly Nun Teachers, so I am talking age 8 to 13.
Short version.
The little strip of ground across from you were little trees, football games every weekend, that strip of trees, many have died, look out your front window, you now know I mean.
BUT, years before this, this was Ducky's, at age 9 or 10, I was score keeper for the Sheatown Ramblers, a semi pro local team, sponsered by Ducky's, I think it was Ducky Bozinski who later opened a mini mart, when there where none then (mini markets), up in front of Center Inn.
You know this story, or is this new for you?
And bowling for 15 plus years in Nanticoke,Thursday night gang for a sandwich, followed by bowling followed by a 10 PM to midnight munch, with aa ang of 4 to 8.
The good old days.
Oh, you remember you did some catering for us, at the grove up the street, before getting into the catering business in a bigger way.
Always wish you the best, and success, #1 restaurant in my book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Cindy Steve
Date: Thursday, December 19, 2013 1:01 PM
Subject: Caulilower cheese soup

Hi Jim -

Thank you for the excellent dinner we all had last night. As usual, everything was perfect. My brother and I ordered your Cauliflower/Cheese Soup and I have to tell you, that it blew us away! The soup was velvety smooth and full of flavor. The blend of the three cheeses with the cauliflower was absolutely delicious. The little mozzarella balls in the soup had the perfect texture - chewy but soft, and the homemade croutons added just the perfect amount of crunch with the creamy broth. I thought about that soup all night. I can honestly tell you that was "one of the best things I ever ate." Thank you Jim and Julia for everything !!


P.S. make more

From: Doc K.
Date: March 30, 2013, 12:24:49 PM EDT
Subject: thanks,,, Doc K

thanks..great food as usual
Doc K.

From: "Jon H."
Date: February 16, 2013, 12:38:44 PM EST
Subject: THE TOMAHAWK...


From: Darlene C.
To: Jim Schonfeld
Sent: Saturday, October 20, 2012 9:02 PM
Re: Wonderful Dinner Experience

Our group of friends just had dinner there tonight to celebrate our
friends birthday. I had the Cajun Chicken Cordon Blue special. It was
absolutely fabulous! It was the best I've ever had by far. Never had
anything close to that. My friends thoroughly enjoyed their meals also.
They had Prime Rib, Scallops Benjamin and the Seafood Platter. The creamy
cheddar mashed potatoes and the Brussel sprouts were delicious also. It
was a great dinner and very good service from our waitress. Thank you
for the wonderful experience.

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From: JEFF K.
To: Jim Schonfeld
Sent: Wednesday, November 16, 2011 5:56 PM
Subject: Re: features

Beer pairing was great! I learned alot about food and beer. Portions and quality was outstanding! Service was excellent and food was hot and delicious. A great idea that must continue.
I will see you soon.

Jeff and Deb

From: Jo Ann
Sent: Saturday, August 21, 2010 5:34 PM
Subject: Thanks for a great dinner

Just wanted to say thanks for a great dinner. We took our son out before heading back to college and must say he truly enjoyed the Porterhouse. From the appetizers to the dessert; (my favorite Bananas Foster), it was a wonderful night. We always laugh that if we didn't have to feed our kids, we would be again for a memorable night..Jo Ann


From: Cynthia
Date: Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 12:28 PM
Subject: The Beer Inauguration
To: "" <>

August 18, 2010

Hi Ben –

We had the most spectacular time last night. Dining at your family’s establishment has always been a truly excellent experience, but last night your beverage creations sent our experience over the top !

First, your presentation of the beer samples was fun – so clever and unique. We sampled them accordingly – starting with your WIT, which Steve tasted a hint of lemon after swallowing, and I tasted a floral flavor. It was very refreshing. We then proceeded to your Amber Lager, which Steve said tasted like a Yuengling Lager (his beer of choice). I had all kinds of different flavors popping in my mouth, but couldn’t put my finger on what they were. It was very enjoyable and tasty. Next and last was your Hopenstine, which Steve really loved. We both tasted grapefruit and it was very delicious. The beers worked really well with the Crabby Pretzel, which was fantastic.

Steve had the 24 oz. Cajun NY Strip Steak with mushrooms and paired it with your Hopenstine. He absolutely loved the Cajun steak/mushrooms/Hopenstine combination. I chose the grilled Salmon with papaya salsa and paired it with your WIT. My mouth was singing with joy.

I think what was really interesting was the wonderful scent of your beers. They were fragrant to the nose, as well as the mouth. I’ve never smelled my glass of beer before, but now you’ve introduced us to a whole new way of enjoying a “cold brew.”

Thanks also to your dad, Julia and Maria. Your dad took the time to explain different things to us about your brews and the dinner specials, which was very helpful and informative. The dinners he prepared for us were, as always, PERFECT ! He is, in our opinion, the finest and most creative chef in NEPA. Julia and Maria are precious – always happy, friendly and true professionals, they are a delight to deal with. We had such a good time.

Thank you Ben – we wish you luck, success and good fortune with your endeavor.


Cindy and Steve

To: Marty's
Sent: Monday, February 22, 2010 1:25 PM
Subject: I wanted to suggest a resource for your page.


My name is Kristi N., I am a home ec teacher, Last week we did a section on Cajun cooking to celebrate Mardi Gras. I decided to post some cajun cooking pages to our class page. While looking for pages on cajun cooking I found your page ( which was very helpful. Thanks so much :)
I noticed you missed a great page on cajun and creole cooking: . It looks like a very nice overview on cajun cooking, it covers a history of cajun cooking, cooking tips, and has a great deal of recipes, including grilling:) yum!!.. I plan on using this page in my list of resources.

Have a wonderful day :)

From: Pete
To: Jim
Sent: Monday, February 08, 2010 11:08 AM
Subject: Marty's web site

Good Morning Jim!
I had a few minutes this morning to check out your web site. Nice Job!! Easy to navigate, and lots of goooood information (I could ALMOST smell the smoke :-))

I look fwd to my next visit to your dinning room!!


From: Steve Newman
To: 'Jim Schonfeld'
Sent: Friday, January 16, 2009 12:20 PM
Subject: FW: Marty's Blue Room

Shareena Floro - Bernstein has posted a new blog entry.
Marty's Blue Room
Apr 13, '08 12:48 PM
for everyone

As usual our weekends is full of fun and excitement. This weekend in particular is very dear to my loving husband. Since he was eleven years old, he's been doing Karate under the direction of his Master Newman, a combination of Japanese and Chinese Martial Arts. Master Newman was in town for a long weekend from Florida so, he had a grand reunion with his students in a two-day exercise and clinique. Last Friday night, he joined us for dinner at Asaki Restaurant in Shavertown and it was such an honor to eat a meal with him. His magnetic personality surely brightened up our weekend. Yesterday, Master Newman also had a reunion with his former high school friends right after their three-hour clinique and invited his students and their guests for cocktails and dinner at Marty's Blue Room in Sheatown.

Marty's Blue Room brings out the best of Cajun cuisine of New Orleans, Louisiana. Who knew this type of restaurant exists in this small town? The restaurant is located in a residential area and you can't be fooled by this house-like food establishment? It's humble atmosphere boasts the best Prime Ribs, Jambalaya and BBQ in town! Reservations is required as this restaurant fills up quick with food lovers alike! Everything in their menu sounds wonderful. Since Barry and I didn't get the chance to eat almost the whole day, we decided to splurge a little bit last night!

During cocktail hour I ordered a platter of their Catfish Fingers with Cajun Sauce and shared it with bunch of the guys just to hold us up before dinner. The Catfish Fingers were awesome! Love the crunchy breading and you can just tell the fish was fresh.

For appetizers, Barry and I split a bowl of Jambalaya and Escargot with mushrooms in a creamy sauce which was served with garlic bread. They're both scrumptious! Then each of us had their prime rib dinners. I was so full from the appetizers that I barely ate my ceasar salad and my main meal. I also got the "Marty's Tater" as my side dish and that was delicious, too! The tater is basically a twice baked potato in a small ramekin dish topped with Cajun spices. I only ate about a 1/3 of my dinner and took home the rest of it ;-) Barry, on the other hand, got the regular sized Prime Rib (18 oz.) topped with a creamy and spicy Crawfish sauce. Their Prime Rib was truly the best. It was slowed cooked the whole day so, no matter how you like it done...every bite just melts in your mouth. It was divine...

My Jr. 12 oz Prime Rib with Roasted Garlic (It was huge!)

Barry's 18 oz. Prime Rib with Crawfish (I just can't imagine what the Cattleman's Dinner looks like?)

If you want to learn about this restaurant, you can visit their website at They also offer a "Colossal Cajun" Catering Services, where a huge truck is fully equipped and rigged up to provide you "hot from the grill" menu anytime and anywhere...njengasol

njengasol wrote on May 5, '08

Wow, yeah this restaurant has always been a good one, hidden but definitely good, mom used to be one of Jim's cook there, so I know about their great food.... If I remember right, Elena used to wash dishes there when she was a teenager... Memories.


mariaspfloro wrote on May 5, '08

Cool...great memories indeed!

From: Brian & Jen Felter
To: Marty's
Sent: Monday, June 30, 2008 10:56 AM

My daughter decided to take me to Marty's for dinner one night and it was one of the most pleasant dining experiences I've ever had. I ordered a Monster burger which was the best burger I've ever had , but when I tasted my daughter's twin fillets I realized that I EVERTYTHING on the menu is Fantastic!!!!!!

Thank you for a great experience,

From: Al Yarasavage
Sent: Monday, March 24, 2008 9:19 AM
Subject: Smoked Ham

Best ham I every had by far. Our entire family truly enjoyed it.

Al Yarasavage

Sent: Friday, November 30, 2007 7:29 AM
Subject: Dinner

First, I wanted to commend you and your staff for the fantastic dinner that we had at Marty's on Tuesday. The people from Pabst were very impressed! Great job. The food was fantastic and the portion size amazing.

Leo Orlandini
Operations Manager/Master Brewer

Subject: Dinner 10/27/2007

My wife and I traveled to Marty's from Shrewsbury, PA and had an outstanding dining experience. The Cajun Chicken Cordon Blue was incredible, I have never had anything like it. When we saw the portion, my wife said there was no way I would finish however I'm no quitter. Just like when I ran the Marathon. You got to push through the wall. My wife's Chicken Rosemary was just as good. I can attest since I ate most of it the next day. She was saving room for the Banana's Foster which was out of this world. I had a take home dessert of German Chocolate cake which almost did not make it back to Shrewsbury. After seeing the Cattle cut of Prime Rib, I plan on returning with my 2 brothers to try to tackle that beast.
Thanks for a great night and meal!!

Dave and Angela

To: Marty's
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2007 11:03 AM
Subject: Fabulous place to have dinner!

We travel to your restaurant from the Hazleton area numerous times as we all agree Martys is our favorite place to eat! The atmosphere is cozy, the staff is always pleasant and the food is beyond fantastic! The only regret we have is not knowing about Martys years ago! Last year we accidentally found you on the Internet but we are glad we did!! Our only suggestion would be that you advertise more so others can experience what we have come to love!! Everyone within the Martys organization should be very proud because you represent a premiere restaurant! God bless you all. See you soon! Kim

From: "kristen"
To: Marty's
Sent: Friday, April 15, 2005 9:21 AM
Subject: Snickers


That deep fried Snickers bar was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I think that next
time I come in I'm going to order about a dozen! They're wonderful (don't
ever take then off the menu)! We had a great time last night (as usual).
Thanks for the great food and warm hospitality!
See you soon!

From: K. Pawlowski
To: Marty's
Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2005 11:33 AM
Subject: Chicken Patrick


My mom is still raving about the Chicken Patrick she had the other night at the restaurant. She wanted to know if I could get the recipe. I didn't think it would be available, but I came across it on your website. She is going to be one very happy mom! I'm sure that I will end up preparing it for her.
Take care!

Thursday, September 02, 2004 9:20 AM
Subject: 48 STEAK


Thursday, August 19, 2004 10:51 PM
Subject: Dinner

Jim....fabulous, fabulous!! Dinner was great!! You are a great chef. Everyone raved about their dinners. Everything was exceptional. The desserts looked wonderful but we were all so full there was no room for another bite of anything.
I was disappointed that you couldn't stop by and say hello but Ben said you were busy in the kitchen. It was nice that he stopped to say hello. That was very thoughtful. A very nice, homey touch.
This was our first time but it definitely will not be our last.
Service was great too. I'm sorry but I didn't get our servers name but she was really great. Please let her know she made the evening very pleasant. She's very good at her job. We also appreciated her giving us separate checks at the last minute. That was my mistake. We
usually ask ahead of time and I forgot to mention it. She handled it very graciously. Another restaurant would have said no to the request. We appreciated her doing this for us.
So many people at work knew I was going to visit your restaurant and all are anxiously awaiting my review. You get my FOUR STARS .... NO .....FIVE STARS. The food, the service, the presentation, quantity and quality of the food was excellent.
We all remarked about the beautiful serving dishes. Very innovative and refreshing. The orchids were a perfect touch to a wonderful evening.
It was such a pleasant surprise to find such a fine dining experience in a small out of the way place.

Thank you for a lovely birthday dinner.

L. Foster